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The goals 

  • Improve the quality of care for patients suffering from work-related injury.

  • Reduce the suffering and economic waste caused by inappropriate and untimely care.

  • Help injured employees return to their vocations and their pre-injury lifestyles safely and responsibly.

  • Reduce the clinical and therapeutic friction associated with conflicting incentives common to work-related injury.

An Introduction to Best Doctors

Two renowned physicians affiliated with the Harvard Medical School founded Best Doctors (formerly known as HRT) in 1989; they remain dedicated to building an organization with one very specific goal - 

improving medical outcomes by harnessing the power of medical knowledge to support doctors treating seriously ill or injured patients.

Best Doctors currently serves over 10 million people in 30 countries. Best Doctors has world wide acclaim for successfully connecting patients to the best medical care. 

About Best Doctors Occupational Health Institute

About one year ago two senior claims executives, a physician and a healthcare consultant were sitting around a table discussing the skyrocketing use of opiates and the large number of "failed" back surgeries in the work-injured population. That discussion led to an in-depth evaluation of the kind of care provided to work- injured employees. The results suggested that care was at best highly fragmented and at worst clinically inappropriate. The results of the evaluation indicated that care was often inconsistent with current clinical evidence and appeared to ignore physiologic and psycho-social "risk factors" such as smoking, obesity and depression. 

That embryonic work resulted in a shared commitment to create a new patient- centered, evidence-based, model of care. That model is called The Best Doctors Occupational Health Institute (The Institute). The Institute has several simple goals and objectives.

      The objectives 

  • Bring together in a medical community, like-minded physicians, exceptionally skilled within their medical specialties, sensitive to the importance of enabling patients to return to vocational independence and productive, rewarding lives.

        Like the very best academic medical centers in the country,

  • Promote excellent care through the creation of interdependent clinical teams composed of physicians, nurses and allied health professionals and the patient. 

Within Best Doctors Occupational Health Institute, specialized- occupational health nurses, referred to as Nurse Advocates will play a crucial role providing patient education, clinical coordination and seamless integration with the claim management process.

  • Support medical, nursing and allied health practice through the development of evidence-based clinical pathways with a focus on physical and psycho-social "risk factors" for refractory recovery.
  • Identify and equitably reward best practices using readily available clinical and vocational outcomes data.

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