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Our responsibilities to you

Our first responsibility is to assure that you are paid equitably and on time for appropriate services. With the advice and guidance of our physician fee committee, we have developed a proprietary fee schedule that assures equity for all parties. No more time delays or silly haggling about price and no more questions about when and how much the reimbursement will be.

What we promise is that through our specially trained Nurse Advocates, every effort will be made to assure patient compliance and in the event of a therapeutic disconnect, the patient is quickly moved to a more appropriate treatment environment. 

If you have questions or would like to learn more, please feel free to contact our Clinical Affiliate Manager, Diane Silvia RN, BSN at 617.226.3650. 

    A Cordial Invitation to Join Us

A few short years ago, two deeply concerned physicians affiliated with Brigham and Womens' Hospital and Harvard Medical School started a small organization to help individuals from around the globe gain access to the highest quality of care. 

That very simple concept continues to propel Best Doctors® and has led to their pioneering work being featured on 60 Minutes, in the New York Times, USA Today and CNN.

Effective this year, Best Doctors and A.I.M. Mutual Insurance, a leading workers' compensation insurer sponsored by the Associated Industries of Massachusetts have entered into a very significant partnership with four very simple objectives: 

The first is to explicitly demonstrate that better medical care leads to better outcomes for injured employees.

The second is to demonstrate that by working cooperatively with a select number of exceptionally qualified physicians and allied health professionals… the numerous hassles, frustrations and delays associated with "workers" comp can be substantially reduced.

The third is to provide an equitable fee schedule that places value on demonstrated expertise.

And the fourth is to demonstrate that patient centered, evidence-based medicine results in better care, decreased disability and lower costs for all.

The Best Doctors Occupational Health Institute believes that the restoration of health requires recognition of patients as bio-psychosocial beings and physicians as very highly skilled professionals who can accomplish extraordinary things given appropriate time and resources. 

We still believe that a small group of people, dedicated to a mission, can make a difference.

As a clinical affiliate of the Best Doctors Occupational Health Institute we ask that;

  • each patient be provided the level of care that one would consider for a loved one or family member with a work-related injury.

  • that where appropriate, the evidence-based, Best Doctors Occupational Health Institute Clinical Pathways be considered for those patients at increased risk for delayed or refractory recovery.

  • that you consider our highly-skilled Nurse Advocates as an important resource for you and integral part of the therapeutic team.


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